About Us

Bucio Painting Inc. has professional painters trained to do good quality work. Jose Luis Bucio (owner) is always working and supervising every single job from start to finish. He ensures that each job is done the right way and looks perfect. Since he learned in the best way working in his father's carpentry shop with his brother. As a child, each day after school he worked in the shop making good quality furniture. He was taught that it is important to make the correct preparation to paint or stain each piece of furniture to ensure several years of durability and good appearance. Reaching the age of 18 he moved to the United States. He started working as an employee in a residential paint company, after many years painting in luxurious homes and some commercial jobs in the county of Indian River and Brevard County. He started his own company in 2014 using his last name as the company name. Bucio Painting has painted jobs from Palm Beach County to Tallahassee hotels, big commercial jobs, town homes, track homes, and customs homes. In 2019 Bucio Painting decided to settle down and do jobs in the county of Indian County and Brevard County offering the best job and the best quality. Bucio Painting knows that the best work will lead to more customers and bring good reputation for his company.

Jose Luis Bucio